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Kenneth Studio: Wheel & Wine Workshop

Updated: Jan 15, 2019

We had a wonderful evening with all the ladies who joined us. We filled the studio with laughter, stories and memories as we sipped Winter Gløgg and hot cider. We loved getting to host sisters who grew up throwing, a twenty-first birthday, best friends, and new family members getting to know each other. Not too long ago, it was only a dream that this cozy studio now filled with natural light could be used to host workshops and classes. This studio use to be a dark tool shed full of spider webs, old tools and jars filled with unknown liquids. Hannah worked hard to turn this space into a beautiful studio where people can experiment, learn and make memories.

After getting to know one another, Hannah showed the basics of centering and throwing. Then it was time to jump on the wheels and give it a try. We had a wide range of skills, from the first time ever using a wheel, to experienced potters. With Christmas music playing in the background, everyone was excited to get their hands dirty and learn. Despite apprehension, by the end of the evening everyone had centered a piece and destroyed several. Thank you to everyone who came out, it was a wonderful way to celebrate Christmas, meet new friends, and for some try something new. We loved getting to invite you into our dream becoming a reality!


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