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Kenneth Studio is run by sisters Hannah Petersen and Rachael Hillis. Hannah has studied pottery since she was 11 in Helena Montana, and most recently at Penland School of Craft in North Carolina. Rachael studied at Shasta Community College, PCC and Georgies. Kenneth Studio is dedicated to their father Ric Kenneth who introduced them to pottery and always encouraged them to risk. 


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Membership is available to those who have completed the ceramics eight week class.



$60 a month. Paid at the start of the month, cash or check paid at the studio.  


Studio hours for members are 7 days a week 8am - 8pm - except while classes are in session.


Membership will cover bisque and glaze firings (up to 10 pieces per month), as well as use of all glazes, slips, Mason stains, wax etc. Clay will not be included in the membership, but we are happy to pick anything up for you at the distributor.



DEMO nights are included for members. The purpose of these evenings is to continue to learn new skills. Each demo will cover a specific skill that will be announced before hand. Member nights are a night for all of us be in the studio working on our own project together and have fun! There is so much we can learn and be inspired by each other. Let us know if you have questions or specific things you would like to learn.

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