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raw milk

Meet our two jersey milk cows, Agnes and Josie! Agnes is A2/A2 with high butterfat content. We are hand milking twice a day, at our scale of two cows, hand milking gives us the greatest control over the quality of cleanliness and care for the cow. We would rather spend our time with the animals, than spent cleaning equipment. We currently are setting up our small milk subscription. While the selling of raw milk is illegal in Oregon, a subscription allows us to share raw delicious milk with customers directly.


When you sign up for our subscription you are committing for weekly milk for the month paid at the beginning of the month. This allows for consistency and dependability for us, when we have a surplus we will be offering milk for sale outside of the subscription.  We are offering whole milk  for $10 per 1/2 gallon per week. We can also offer a latte or hot chocolate ready with your pick up if arranged a head of time. (A little nod to our coffee shop Middleford 2018-2020)

Interested in our Subscription ?
We currently have spots open for new customers. Fill out the form and we will be in contact with you. 

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