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A Night of Flowers

We collaborated with Emily of Beauty Grows Wild to have a night of flower arranging and meal inspired by summer's extravagance.

Emily started growing flowers in 2020 as a way to pursue something she loved and share a passion with her family. She grows flowers for wholesale, as well as offering full wedding design service. Emily got married at the Greenwood when it was Under the Greenwood Tree Bed and Breakfast. She reached out to me this spring and proposed doing a flower event together. We were excited to collaborate to bring people together and share the love of flowers and connection.

We welcomed twenty women, on one of the warmest days of the year so far, into the garden with a fresh floral inspired cocktail. Emily started the evening with flower arranging and all the women created their masterpieces between many conversations and laughter.

Jonathan and Rachael collaborated on a summer inspired meal featuring local fruits and meat. The meal began with a fresh mint peach, basil balsamic tomato, goat cheese pesto arugula salad - improvised upon Lasting Ingredient's recipe. Alongside this course was handmade rosemary sourdough focaccia from Jonathan's 100 year old starter that follows Artisan Bryan's process. Finally, we used locally butchered top sirloin steak for our Korean BBQ sweet & tangy marinated kabobs.

For dessert we finished with a slice of mouthwatering chocolate cheesecake with an organic Newman O's crust and Jacobson sea salt topping, as requested by one of our birthday girls. Alongside this decadence was a light lemon tart with fresh local strawberries and raspberries.

As we prepped for this evening I was excited to bring people together. This was our first dinner since our baby girl has joined us. Although it was noticeably more challenging to host an event with a baby on the hip, it felt right to finally be able to set a table and welcome people to come, sit and enjoy in a place that is so special to us.

– Rachael

All photos are by our good friend, Gabriel Ramirez Photography.


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