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Middleford Coffee: Stories of Comradery

While serving coffee this last weekend we paused for a moment to listen as two of our guests talked and shared their experiences of their time in the military. Coffee shops are weird in this way when you think about it because conversations and interactions made in a cafe like this, don't happen that often.

What started as a joke a guest made about herself and the way she stood - at attention or at rest - turned into a moment of connection as a regular of Middleford came up to the bar and acknowledged how he does the same thing. Jess and I, who were working, stood back and were silent observers as these two honorable individuals who helped serve our country, reminisced and laughed about their shared experiences and hard memories. It was a wonderful moment getting to be a part of bridging their connection. It felt like we got a little glimpse into another world. We were on the "inside" to this unique exchange and symbol of