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Estate: Christmas Time Market

Updated: Jan 15, 2019

Time is one of the most under appreciated and most valuable resources we have. This Christmas Season we were excited to start a conversation around how we view and use time. As makers and small business owners we are keenly aware of the time it takes to get products to market! We wanted to celebrate together and invite the public to see and value these products and encourage this community as we invest locally.

We featured products from Hannah Rose Pottery, Teleo Collaborative, Meadlyn Co., Middleford Coffee, Fair & Simple, and Well Earth Good.

The day was a day of lingering, conversations that didn't hurry, and live music that filled the air with hope and expectation. We were honored to host so many new faces and meet wonderful people who share the love of this valley.

Photography by Rachael Hillis and Gabriel Ramirez

Thank you to everyone who spent the day with us and supported our local makers! We are continually inspired by this community.

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