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Middleford Coffee - New Logo

Updated: Jul 28, 2020

When we sought out to find a logo that could represent the heart of Middleford Coffee, we were so excited to partner with Hannah Rose Made a Medford based designer and ceramicist. Our vision is centered on helping bring things together - people, our city, our fellow businesses, and our industry. We seek to be a catalyst of connection, "bridging the gap" for our customers and community. We feel this is perfectly represented in our logo where we have two sides that come together to create the whole image. Each side is unique in its shape, colors, and sizing - which is a true reflection of the town of Medford. East-side and West-side Medford, divided by Bear Creek with the Downtown laying smack dab in between. Medford is literally the "middle ford" of Bear Creek.

This is another reason why it's so great for us to be downtown, as we get to partner in the development and revitalization of our city and bring this community together. Other subtle notes we see in our logo is a sense of open doors or windows to welcome you in. We are a people business, more than a coffee business, and providing exceptional hospitality is our number goal. We love how the shape of our logo holds this feeling. We also see the tell-tale signs of a coffee bean where there are two sides the bean with a crack down the middle. There's also in the negative space an M and an F (see you can find them).

We've even heard from some of our Middleford Coffee Collective Patrons that it reminds them of a sun rising over the hills surrounding Medford!

We'd love to know what you think. Leave us a comment below about what you see and what you like!


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