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Bridge The Gaps

Updated: Aug 7, 2020

“Bridge the gaps” is a clever phrase that equally invokes passion and empathy. There’s a depth to bridging the gap that goes beyond the tangible and generates thoughts of overcoming fear, making new connections, caring for the suffering, and how ideas become reality.

All of these have facets of truth and goodness, but for our purposes we’ll focus on generating conversation around how what we do can greatly impact others. Our choices determine whether we forge a bridge for divides to be crossed or we participate in continued disconnection.

Beginning with ourselves, we see that there’s a symmetry we need between all of our parts. Our emotions, sensations, feelings, functions, managers, firefighters, heart, mind, body, and all, operating best when they are in unison. But what does it take for this unification to happen? First the fragmentation needs validation. The separate parts of who we are need identity, for from that acknowledgment and acceptance, we can integrate into a unified being – bridging the gap. We have to see the divide, all the sides, the slope, the depth of chasm, and more, before we begin to build a bridge.

From that place of connection within ourselves we can make decisions that honors all of the parts within us, effectively giving us the best ability to make a powerful choice.

Even the honey bees have a vital affect on our planet, and how much more valuable are you, who holds the all potential to create masterpieces, invent revolutionary products, discover mysteries of wonder, and foster hope in the lives of others?

Today, I encourage you. Bridge the gap within yourself, giving attention to the multiple parts of who you are to be more connected, empowering you to make choices that create more bridges in the world and in others.

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