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The Greenwood & Company school of wholeness

The Greenwood & Company is a 3 month heart-school devoted to cultivating wholeness in everyday life. We impart an experience of what it means to move beyond head knowledge about God and into truly experiencing Him in daily life. Our school focuses on creativity, wholeness, and community.  

Thank you for taking time to share with us. Your feedback is a vital part of the application process.  We read every reference, and your answers give us perspective into the character and life of the applicant.


  • Please answer the following questions as thoughtfully and honestly as possible.

  • These questions depend strongly on the reference's current relationship with the applicant. If you feel less empowered to answer these questions as thoroughly as you'd like on your applicant's behalf, we encourage you to ask him / her to request a reference from someone else.  

  • We realize that if the applicant is applying for our school, he / she is seeking encounter and transformation by the Love of God. We are not expecting them to be perfect and know they are coming to us with needs.  We value your honest feedback!

Reference Form

Reference's Information

What is your relationship to the applicant (i.e., pastor, mentor, trusted friend)?

How many years have you known the applicant?

Applicants Name (student)


The heart of discipleship at the Greenwood & Company is to cultivate a rich environment of safety, vulnerability, risk, and challenge for our students and staff to grow in their personal wholeness, creativity, and relationships in community. Through an intentional season of discipleship at The Greenwood & Company, we desire to impart rhythms for sustainable life in connection with God and others.  We expect from our students:

  • A willingness to be challenged by leadership receive feedback for growth.

  • To lean into hard things and have capacity to stay present.

  • For him/her to come with a vision and commitment to their own wholeness.

  • For him / her to come ready, showing up fully to be vulnerable and trust leadership.

  • For him/her to be ready to make mistakes, be seen in the messy middle, and have a desire to grow.

From your perspective, what are areas the applicant needs growth or transformation?


Listed below are areas pertaining to the applicant's character.  Please honestly rate the applicant in each area, then give a brief explanation in the box below.  Again, we sincerely value your feedback.

Receptivity to Authority
Spiritually Mature
Healthy Relationships with Others

Any final Comments?

Thank you for your time and support of the applicant! We appreciate all your feedback and insights!

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