Develop better succinct communication in business and at home


Form lasting pathways to know what you want and how get there


Increased clarity on what brings you purpose in life and business, and how to hone in on living it and removing blocks and burdens


Establish feasible goals that are rooted in purpose and identity


Develop a lifestyle for how to make ideas become reality and be fully engage in your journey


Receive exposure to informed trauma based understandings and navigating its influences in and around our life


Tools for navigating conflict and sustainable systems of growth 

The Past

Thrive in
The Present

The Future

Functioning Life
Business Coach

As an advocate for you, we will work in collaboration to make ideas become reality through a holistic approach of sustainable growth from a trauma informed perspective.

Meet the coach

Jonathan Hillis

For years I've been studying, researching, and living out a transformed life that has inspired me to come alongside others to help them live stronger, more resilient, more healed and capable lives.

Coaching Tangibles

  • Coach - Reframe beliefs towards the future and effective goal setting
  • Council - Overcome blocks and breaks hindering your best self
  • Consultant - Work through assumptions and create solutions in all facets of life
  • Trauma Informed - Somatic, neural, emotional, nutritional, spiritual, and mental based trauma informed approaches
  • Teacher - Educating to increase understanding of developmental practices

Holistic Approach

Monthly Price: $150
  • Receive up to 3 in-person coaching sessions per month following the Holistic Approach while including all "Hourly Price" benefits
  • Regular emails each week to provide reminders, insights, perspective, and further conversation
  • Phone messaging accessibility for clients to receive instant feedback and support
  • Planned starting and ending time frame for coaching to help you realize your dreams (recommended three to six months)
  • Tangible support and materials provided through resources, tools, and informed perspectives
Hourly Price: $60
  • We'll follow the Holistic Approach towards achieving your tangible goals and desired development
  • Scheduled when convenient for you
  • One-on-one personal coaching session

Pricing Options

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One-on-One Session

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IAPO Lifetime Member

Certified Professional Executive Business Coach 

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