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all photos on this page by Rebbeca Cloud


Our story at the Greenwood started in 2011 when our pastor recommended the property as a potential wedding venue. We fell in love with the property with its old barns and charming gardens. It was a bed and breakfast at the time and had hosted many weddings and events. On September 3rd on a very hot summer day we were married in the field under the big oak tree. The owners asked us as we set up for the wedding if we knew anyone who would be interested in buying the property. We laughed and said we didn't. We were twenty-one and had no idea what we were going to do with our lives. Years went by and every time we visited medford we would drive by the property to see what was happening. The property was for sale for a while and then off the market. On one of these many drive by peering around the hedges as we ve slowly by

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