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Student Tuition $4,000​

  • Class Time

    • Classes will be held by Guest Speakers and Teachers, from our local community and dear friends we will host from around the US.

    • We believe that learning happens both in and out of the classroom, expect classes to be held both in and outside. We have found that using our hands to apply the knowledge we know allows us to move the knowledge from our heads to our hearts!

  • Studio Time

    • Creativity in action! Time will be blocked into the schedule for learning new crafts and artistic skills including, ceramics, leather, woodworking, gardening, music both instrumental and vocal, and vineyard care. ​

  • Discipleship​

    • One-on-one mentoring and life coaching.​

  • Health and Wholeness​

    • Yoga, hikes and working out with a focus on learning how our bodies move and how to get stronger and healthier. ​

    • Integrating our body with the process that is taking place in our heart and mind.

    • Learning to love ourselves fully and become more aware of the connections within every part of our Self.


Student Living ​$2,500

  • Accommodations will be a shared room and bathroom with 1-4 other students per room in our 1912 Farmhouse at the Greenwood Estate. Students will be apart of cleaning rhythms to help the house, land, and people thrive. 

  • All meals will be provided and served family style around our family table. Students will help prepare and learn how to cook and meal plan. We value organic and local as well as balance and enjoyment of food! Trust us, you will eat well and we can make accommodations to health needs!

Total Student Cost is $6,500

Total payment is required before the start of the school. We want you to be able to be fully present and not worrying about your finances during this season of your heart!


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