Tuesdays 6:30-9:00 (May 11th) | The Greenwood Estate – Dinning Room

Honor Meal (MAY 11)

Experience a meal prepared by Jonathan as he himself engages in the simple & hard practice of "honoring the sense" as he prepares, cooks, lives and feeds others. Please make sure to "Read More" below to know all the info.

Time & Location

Tuesdays 6:30-9:00 (May 11th)
The Greenwood Estate – Dinning Room, 3045 Bellinger Ln, Medford, OR 97501, USA

About the Event

New Update:

For over two months I've been doing Honor Meal weekly by invitation only. Honoring the sense to do this new rhythm has been both wonderful and challenging, and it's ultimately leading me to continue doing this more.

Honor Meal Tuesdays are now open for this community to reserve their seats! Each week the RSVP will open at 8AM on Wednesdays for the upcoming Tuesday Honor Meal. Feel free to RSVP and share this Private Event Page with others you know, that you feel would honor this meal experience.


Original Description:

Throughout this extended difficult season of loss, change, stress, and isolation we are all navigating, I have been asking myself, "How do I continue to honor the sense?"

Right at the start of 2020, things began to end all around me. When my coffee bar, Middleford Coffee, closed in March, in the midst of that grief I began this process. Running my business didn't mean I "honored the sense". Having to close didn't mean that I failed to "honor the sense". This question was more about how I was continuing to engage with each moment, every person around me, all circumstances and situations I faced. It's not a gauge to tell me whether I'm right or wrong, being good or bad; rather it's a guide that encourages me to be authentic and pursue what makes me uniquely me.

Honor Meal is this opportunity for me: To be authentic in my process as I genuinely cook that others can enjoy. Inviting guests into this experience, to be inspired to honor their true-selves.

This is a night for you to participate in honor.

What: A restaurant experience for you and/or one guest of your choice, made by Jonathan Hillis at his home.

Where: The Greenwood Estate Dining Room – 3045 Bellinger Lane Medford OR

When: April 6th and Tuesday every week from 6:30 to 9:00PM

How: Come as you are and pay what you want at the end of the meal: Cash App: @jonathanchillis // Venmo: @JonathanCHillis // Cash or check to Jonathan Hillis

Why: The honor system “is an endeavor based on trust, honor, and honesty.” I honor you for coming, being, and offering whatever it is you feel is honoring to provide.

Who: Up to eight total guests.

How to: Each week at 7am on Wednesday the eight seats (for the follow week) will open up for first-come-first-serve RSVPs, using the event page weblink.

I would love for this to stay word of mouth and not spread on social media or be promoted online. That being said, the weblink you havek originally received in the email or text to RSVP is a private link that you may share with those you feel would appreciate Honor Meal.

Please include in your RSVP any specific sensitivities, allergies, or restrictions (like: can't have spicy food, or no fish, or no corn, or no butter...) so that I can honor you.

While this is a dinner for you and your guest, a maximum of 8 guests will be eating in the dining room. You will be seated at either your own table or a large table that is spaced out for you and your guest to have your own meal together.

A limited amount of cider, beer, wine, and/or whiskey will be chosen and paired for each party.

Jonathan will cook and serve all courses and introduce the meal, as well as close out the night. These evenings are curated for you and your guest to have a night out together, there will be no led group discussions.

Everyone will arrive and be served at the same time, and eat the same meal (unless prior arrangements are made due to food restrictions). Please arrive at 6:30 as all tables will be served simultaneously.

Park in the circle driveway in front of the main house, pulling all the way forward to allow cars in behind you and enter in the front door.

This theme of honor begins at the door where we invite you to remove your shoes before entering. From there you’ll cross the threshold and may place your phone in the entryway basket.

Masks, social distancing, and other COVID restrictions are not being enforced or required. This is a night about trust, where "there are no governing rules" – as is, with the honor system.

If you have any further questions or comments, please reach out to me at: JonathanCHillis@gmail.com or 541.410.9604