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Middleford Coffee: Featuring New Coffees

As you may know, we love getting to work with new coffees and rotate our featured roasters. So far we've worked with Griffin Creek Coffee's espresso blend of organic Central/South America and African coffees. We simultaneously served Roseline Coffee from Portland, featuring their single origin Colombia and Guatemalan. Following these coffees we had the Golden Bean Roasters Competition Gold Medalist Ethiopian Natural Process from Theory Collaborate from Redding. Later we transitioned to serving multiple fresh single origin coffees roasted and sourced from Case Coffee in Ashland alongside the Portland roasters, Water Avenue Coffee, using their Dark Roast Boxcar Blend of Direct Trade El Salvador and Brazil. Now, we are so excited to feature Anchorhead Coffee Co.'s (Seattle, WA) Medium Light Leviathan Espresso Blend along with Nobel Coffee (Ashland, OR) using their World Tour Blend!

There's something special about sharing your vision with someone and hearing it said back to you. Our Middleford Coffee team, made up by Thomas, Jessica, Addison, Anthony, and Rachael and Jonathan (the owners), were invited to Nobel Coffee to cup some coffees and talk through the process of featuring their espresso. While sitting with Maia and Carolyn from Nobel Coffee in Ashland Oregon, we explained our hopes and desires for Southern Oregon's coffee industry. We talked about why featuring two coffees on espresso matters to us. Why it's important to us to provide a local and regional coffee together, while rotating through the many different incredible options, and how we get to help our guests experience a new level of coffee preparation while still being completely approachable and enjoyable with our dark and light roast offerings, organic local sweeteners, and tasty alternative milks.

Truly, our team could have talked with Nobel's crew for hours about coffee preparation, how to make coffee more hospitable, how to bring coffee roasters together, and how to bring together our industry. But there was this beautiful moment when all our team looked at one another with knowing eyes as Carolyn, an owner of Nobel, reflected back to us, "Guys it's like you're bridging the gap for people and roasters!" We all nodded our heads in agreement, our responses cascading over one another's as we explained that the meaning behind our name is exactly that.

Middle-Ford, is this image of finding the middle place, the common ground, the bridgeable gap, and then making the intentional effort to cross, to find a way to bring the two sides together. Even better, this name holds the respect of place in how we honor Medford, as we commit ourselves to this city to say we want to represent our town. We want Medford to be known as a place of connection. That Middleford Coffee can be the centerpiece of connection where relational gaps, political divides, ethical walls of division, and individual disconnection can be repaired, healed, mended, and strengthened with a new connection.


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